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The oldest, legendary and state of art raw material. 
From our Gauchos in the 17th century, part of our DNA.


More than 30 colors & textures carefully selected to choose from. Seasonal limited edition.


Our jewels are manufactured in Buenos Aires, Argentina combining industrial and artisan techniques. Each accessory has handmade finishes.

We achieve the perfection of the shape by cutting the pieces using a laser machine and the uniqueness of each jewel by assembling it by hand.

My name is Jesica Urbach and I founded Menta in 2017 immediately after graduating as an industrial designer. Since I was little, I have been deeply fascinated by and involved in the world of art, design and creativity.

I was encouraged to launch an innovative concept creating contemporary jewelry using the iconic and representative material from the Argentinian culture: leather.

Menta is designed for empowered, authentic and inspiring women.

These accessories will make powerful women glow with beauty and stand out from any crowd. Our statement jewels will be the star of every outfit but still remain versatile and comfortable.

Nowadays we can’t talk about manufacturing without taking sustainability into consideration, Menta is committed to sustainability and we will continue developing strategies to achieve an increasingly ethical product.

Raw material, leather is a circular economy material since it is a by-product of the food chain of animal origin. It’s also a material with many properties, including durability.

Timeless and versatile, from the design and materials our jewels don’t follow any season or fashion movement. The accessories can be worn with many different outfits and for any time.

Responsible and ethical work, throughout all stages of product development. 

Material optimization, the leather pieces are designed to be cut with almost 0 waste.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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